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Our feet provide a foundation for our bodies movement. The better your feet function, the better you’ll perform.

Feet are also our primary sensory connection with the earth, constantly relaying information that helps us respond intelligently to our environment.

Rediscovering natural feet

We didn’t evolve wearing shoes, yet over the last few centuries we’ve become accustomed to wearing footwear that is often stiff, narrow and excessively supportive and cushioned. In doing so, our foot function has been compromised.

By going barefoot, or wearing more natural footwear we can re-strengthen, re-mobilse and truly re-discover our natural foot function and restore much of our bodies ability to move as it should. 

Close up Bahé Revive barefoot style grounding shoe (Eclipse - black) in nature

New to natural footwear?

If you’re new to natural / barefoot-style footwear then you’re about to start a journey to return your body to a more natural style of movement. 

To help with your transition we’ve teamed up with The Foot Collective to bring you a free Foot Health Guide with tips and training methods to help you make the most of your new shoes and maximise your performance. 

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