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Get lost in nature - find yourself

Get lost in nature - find yourself

Green exercise is beneficial for wellbeing and reconnects us with the natural world. So what are you waiting for?

Green exercise is at the heart of what Bahé is all about. Reconnecting with nature to experience its restorative power. Rediscovering why we run.

The sense of freedom that can be found from exercising outside is inescapable. Losing yourself in your surroundings. Feeling at one with nature.

It is no wonder that it seems so instinctive. For a long time humans existed this way. Our ancestors' lived and thrived in the natural world. Making that connection again can help to heal our relationship with the earth.

Green exercise doesn't just feel right. It is known to provide many health benefits, both physical and mental. Studies have shown that exercising while being exposed to nature has positive effects on blood pressure and immune function. Outdoor fitness can boost mood, concentration and self-esteem, while reducing stress and depression. You are more likely to actually carry out an activity if it takes place outdoors than an exercise regime that happens inside.

In these times of climate crisis, immersing yourself in the natural world while you exercise is a powerful act. Reclaiming the simplicity of you interacting with the ground. A small step towards a more sustainable way of being.

There is so much to gain from taking your training outside. For your body, your mind, your planet. Join us.


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