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Grounding means to be in electrical contact with the earth.

With our ground flow system, our shoes enable you to be grounded when going barefoot isn’t possible.

barefoot woman grounding in nature

The science of grounding

Humans are electromagnetic beings and we evolved being in direct contact with the earth.

However, with the rise of synthetic materials and the constant use of technology, we carry greater positive electrical charge for longer periods. This is having a negative impact on health, mental well-being and physical performance and recovery.

Lightning strike in forest

The earth works as an energy centre and has its own charge, a slightly negative one. This is replenished by solar radiation, heat from it's molten core and lightning which strikes the earth 5000 times per minute.

Grounding literally means putting ourselves back in electrical contact with the earth to resolve our electrical tension.

The earth’s surface is negatively charged, this is referred to as the “Global electrical circuit”. Some people refer to grounding as vitamin G.

Close up of woman walking in Bahé Recharge grounding shoes in white (frost)

Grounded with every step

Combining grounding with outdoor exercise is part of a proactive and holistic lifestyle.

Being grounded means we're more closely connected with the earth, facilitating both a physical and mental flow state.

Total immersion with exercise.

Close of woman stretching in white (frost) bahé grounding shoes

Exercising barefoot is ideal, but not always practical. We believe that grounding can be part of your normal healthy lifestyle, a way to enhance your exercise, not change it.

Wearing grounded shoes can enhance every training session - however small - to be your personal best.

Get more from every movement.

Own your run.

Rediscover performance.

benefits ofgrounding

Graphic showing people running whilst being grounded in Bahé grounding shoes

When grounded, the human body is able to soak up electrons from the earth’s surface, allowing us to reduce the body's positive charge. This process has the following potential benefits :

Before and after diagram showing the effects of grounding on inflammation

Reduced inflammation

The body fights inflammation by attacking it through processes which creates an electrical imbalance. Our immune system evolved with us being able to address this through electron uptake from the earth - grounding.

Before and after images showing the effects of grounding on blood viscosity (zeta potential)

Performance and recovery

Grounding helps to improve blood flow and oxygen delivery to the body, by reducing our blood viscosity (i.e. reducing the clumping of red blood cells). This improves our bodies ability to perform and recover.

Biological effects of grounding the human body during sleep as measured by cortisol levels

Sleep and calmness

By helping regulate cortisol levels, grounding helps to improve sleep and reduce stress and anxiety.

Grounding also facilitates a human resonance of 7.8Mz, allowing us to enter a relaxed alpha brain state.


"I’m so glad I bought Bahé shoes, I feel less fatigue and I sleep better at night since wearing them everyday! I highly recommend them to everyone I know!"

Charlotte, customer

"Comfortable, stylish and they WORK! I can feel a difference in terms of being more grounded when I walk in these shoes. Thank you Bahe!"

Bethany, customer

"I wear these shoes for my walks in the woods and feel much better.

Ali, customer

"Really comfortable, I use for work as an ambulance driver, keeping me grounded while I am on my feet all day on a variety of surfaces, knowing I am grounded while I work gives me peace of mind."

Susan, customer

"Really happy with these. I live in Scotland where it’s very wet and cold winters. Love that I can get my grounding fix now without getting frostbite! And they don’t stain after getting wet which is ideal."

Julia, customer

Our ground flow system, electrically connects our shoes with the earth without compromising performance.

Conductive in accordance with EN ISO 20344:2011 - Making them certified to have close to zero electrical resistance.

How they work

How they are made

Why exercise grounded

graphic overlay o image of woman running showing bahé grounding shoes conducting electrons from earth

Where can I ground?

Grounding opportunities are all around us. It's all about selecting the right surface. When in the countryside you can't go too far wrong, but when running in towns, some tweaks to your route can help maximise your grounding time.

The guide below suggests what surfaces to target and avoid.

Grass (conductive surface)


earth/dirt (conductive surface)


Gravel (conductive surface)


Sand (conductive surface)


Concrete (conductive surface)


Stone (conductive surface)


Synthetic surfaces (not conductive)


Tarmac/Asphalt surface (not conductive)


Grounding FAQs

A number of studies have been conducted to determine the relationship between grounding and physical performance. In general, the studies have shown that grounding can result in faster recovery after exercise and reduced muscle damage/soreness during exercise.
Here are some highlights:

• Reduced lactic acid levels - Overexerting yourself during exercise can lead to a build-up of lactic acid in your muscles. Lactic acid build-up can make your muscles feel painful and sore during exercise. Grounded athletes showed a reduced build-up of lactic acid during exercises. These lower lactic acid levels should reduce the recovery time needed after exercise.

• Reduced creatine kinase levels - Creatine Kinase (CK) is a marker used to determine muscle damage. Grounded athletes showed a 63% lower Creatine Kinase level during a 10 day recovery period after strenuous downhill running.

• Fatigue response – Athletes that showed lower Creatine Kinase levels after exercise, also reported lower levels of fatigue than ungrounded athletes.

• Increased blood flow - Grounding has been shown to increase the rate of blood flow in the body. Increased blood flow means a more efficient delivery of oxygen to the cells that need it for optimum performance.

Being grounded is simply being physically connected to the earth. Something we have done for most of human history.

Such inflammation is often caused by positively charged molecules called free radicals. 

When you make direct contact with the earth, either by being barefoot outside or wearing Bahé grounded shoes, the earth’s natural (slightly negative) charge enters your body and reduces the free radicals which in turn reduces chronic inflammation.

Some people claim to ‘feel’ different while being grounded, while others feel nothing. Everybody is different. Many people do however, feel better right away. They sleep better, have more energy and less pain. But some individuals can feel temporary symptoms of detoxification as the body starts to function more efficiently. These are generally people with some disease or with chronic inflammation and pain who have not been grounded for many years.

As described in the above Q&A, some people can ‘feel’ when they’re grounded, while many don’t feel anything. In this sense it’s difficult to know if you’re correctly grounded or not.
However, you can do some simple electrical tests to check if you are grounded or not.

• Using a multimeter - When not grounded the body has a slightly positive charge, however when grounded this positive charge is reduced or in many causes the body’s charge is equalised. You can use a multi-meter to test if you’re grounded by measuring the voltage of your body compared to earth’s.

• Using a continuity tester - A continuity tester is an item of electrical test equipment used to determine if an electrical path can be established between two points; that is if an electrical circuit can be made. By placing one end of the continuity tester into the earth and making physical contact with the other end with your hand, you can determine if you are grounded or not. If your body is grounded (by wearing Bahé grounded shoes or by being barefoot) the continuity indicator will indicate that an electrical connection has been made. If you are not grounded, the continuity tester will indicate that an electrical connection has not been made.

Our shoes are conductive in accordance with EN ISO 20344:2011 - Making them certified to have close to zero electrical resistance

Research suggests that the effects of grounding can be felt instantaneously, with improved effects over time. So even if you can ground for a couple of minutes a day, it’s better than nothing at all.

Instant changes (minutes): As soon as you begin grounding, the process of pain relief and reduced muscle tension will begin, from here it will only continue to improve with more time grounding.

Changes within minutes (10-30 mins): Within minutes, studies have shown positive changes in the metabolic function of the body. This includes positive changes in organ function, increased blood flow and blood viscosity, increased respiratory rate (resulting in an increase in oxygenation) as well as blood glucose stabilisation.

Changes within hours (1-8 hours): After a few hours of grounding (the studies and research have grounded subjects overnight) there are noticeable improvements to various parts of the body
Improved bone metabolism and growth was observed, measured by osteoporosis indicators
Thyroid functions have shown improvements, as patients on thyroid medication required a lower dosage after practicing grounding regularly.
Regulates your cortisol levels; Think of cortisol as your body’s built-in alarm system - it’s responsible for your sleep/wake cycle amongst other functions These levels are regulated after grounding, showing an improvement to sleep processes.

Changes within several days: After days of grounding, all of the above positive impacts are amplified as well as decreased inflammation, improved stress recovery and improved sleep.

Our products feature our specifically designed Ground Flow System. This is a series of conductive elements built into our running shoes which allow the flow of electrons without affecting any of the performance characteristics. This system means that as soon as you step foot on the ground, you are instantly connected to earth’s electrical field.

You absolutely can and we encourage you to do so when possible. Our shoes were designed to be an extension of barefoot  grounding, not a replacement for it.

As mentioned above, the more grounding the better, so Bahé was created to allow grounding to be integrated into your normal lifestyle or training regime where going barefoot may be uncomfortable or unsafe. 

Electrons are negatively charged subatomic particles found in all atoms and acting as the primary carrier of electricity in solids.

Electrons are naturally found on the earth and absorbing these electrons equalises our body with respect to the earth.

The Earth also has electromagnetic fields and an energetic anatomy similar to humans. Energy centers, energy channels and magnetic fields emanate from the Earth.

The Earth can be likened to a battery that’s replenished by solar radiation, lightning, and heat from its molten core. It gets recharged every minute by 5,000 lightning strikes somewhere in the world.

Because we’re rarely in direct contact with the earth, we develop a positive charge through various means. The constant use of technology is one cause, as is the consumption of processed foods which were not grown in the earth and carry a significant positive charge. Even breathing leads to an increased positive charge due to a slight charge in the air which increases as you get further from the surface.

Natural processes within the body further exacerbate this charge. 

By becoming positively charged an electrical imbalance occurs which means the body can’t function properly, leading to increased inflammation.

Inflammation occurs in a part of the body in which a positive charge has accumulated.

We are grounded almost instantaneously when we contact the ground, so even if you have a short foot strike, you will still be grounded for that period of time.  To maximise your time grounding, why not also do a cool down and stretch (before or after your run) on a natural surface so that you maximise the benefits possible during your exercise.

Our shoes have a removable insock so it is easy to slip an orthotic in, however by doing so there is a break in the conductivity between your foot and the ground. In this case, you’ll have a great pair of running shoes, but won’t be able to experience the full grounding experience. Should this apply to you, we’d love you to get in touch to understand more and to look for future solutions. 

Humans have been barefoot or worn leather-soled shoes (naturally conductive) for many years, so there is nothing inherently dangerous about wearing conductive shoes. However, electrically conductive footwear should not be used if there is an obvious risk of shock from any nearby electrical apparatus or electrically live parts.

No, it is not possible to be too grounded. 

Ideally we should be grounded as much as possible to receive maximum benefits, but due to our busy lifestyles this is difficult.

Historically, humans would sleep on the ground and either walk barefoot or wear shoes made from leather hides. But with modern footwear and flooring, these connections have largely been lost.  As our body uses up electrons each day, there is always an ongoing demand for electron replenishment. 

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