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A different kind of running shoe

A different kind of running shoe

We have designed the world’s first performance grounded running shoe. Here’s how it works

At Bahé we like to approach design a bit differently in our quest for the perfect run.

To create the world’s first performance grounded running shoe we have developed innovative technologies that rethink the running experience. Drawing on the principles of grounding, our electrically conductive shoe reconnects runners with nature. Interacting with the earth can easily become an integral part of your daily routine. 

So how does it work? Electrical connection is maintained between the earth and the body through layers of conductive materials. The outsole has a natural carbon additive to make it conductive. This is connected to the footbed using a silver-based webbing that loops through the midsole. The conductivity is transferred from the footbed to the wearer’s foot via layers of conductive stitching between the footbed and the insock. 


Our mindful, minimal aesthetic won’t distract you from the beauty of your surroundings. We work in curves, not straight lines, establishing the flow of your run from the moment you tie up your laces. A 360 degree grip means that the shoes are suitable for running across a range of grounded terrains such as; soil, grass, sand, gravel, rock, cement. In fact conductivity works even better when wet - the ideal motivation to get out in the rain. Other features include a breathable engineered mesh, durable and high energy return midsole and splash panels for water resistance and to maintain structure.


Given that restoring our relationship with nature is what we are all about, sustainability is central to the design process. We prioritise natural and recycled materials wherever possible. Our outsoles are 65% natural rubber and our midsoles include 5% sugarcane. The footbed is 72% corn and the upper and lining are 30% recycled polyester. The laces are organic cotton. 
Are you ready to experience running the Bahé way?

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